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Total Children Supported

Important in everything we do.

We are working towards playing a full role in decolonising development, reflecting on what this means and how we should be rethinking our practises to truly make an impact for children across the world.

We aim to create an inclusive work environment where staff can be themselves. It allows us to be innovative in our thinking and in the way we work to support and empower the most vulnerable to have a voice and build for the future.

We have a responsibility to defend children everywhere – as well as our staff, volunteers and the people we work with - against bias, discrimination and harassment.

Diversity and inclusion in our work with children

There are growing concerns regarding the large number of children who remain excluded and affected by poverty, from a lack of a quality basic education and from violence.

Our focus is to support and empower children and communities most at risk from being pushed behind because of poverty, discrimination and inequality. We support children who remain excluded from active and meaningful participation. Our aims are to build:

  • Diversity in programme planning and development
  • Good practice on inclusion at SCUK and in the movement, for example anti-racism, sexual misconduct, LGBTQ+ inclusion, social mobility, disability, mental health and wellbeing.

It is important that everyone has access to our information and resources and that we communicate in a way that works for you.

We have an inclusive approach to engaging with people and children and recognise that we are all different and have different needs.

Our supporters are critical to our success. In recent years we have been able to deliver real change on a bigger scale than ever before, but only because of the generosity of our supporters. Without you we simply wouldn't be able to help children at home or abroad.

If you, or someone you work with or support, has a disability, wellbeing or mental health concern, we can help you by making adjustments to remove or reduce barriers you might be facing.