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--Help for Poor Children--

Lets Change The World Together

We are committed to the protection of every child in the world. As a global leading expert on childhood, Amr Aamanah Foundation works in more than 100 countries, including the United States.

--We Do Whatever It Takes--

We believe every child deserves a good future

When crisis strikes and children are most vulnerable, we are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. We work in the hardest-to-reach places, where it's toughest to be a child.

Welcome to Amr Aamanah Foundation

We are a leading humanitarian organization for children. We've changed the lives of over 1 billion children around the world.

Everything we do protects children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood. That's why we're here and that's what drives all of our work. But it's only possible with your support.

  • Fight to end hunger for life.
  • Help poor children return to school.
  • Support the poor and elderly to have better lives.

Child Education

Education is the route out of poverty for many children, which is why we help millions of children go to school.

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Children's Health

You can join us to ensure better childhoods for kids facing challenges and having serious health issues.

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Covid-19 help

COVID-19 has not only robbed millions of children of education, safety and health, it's robbed them of their childhood.

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Emergency Cases

Our goal is to reduce suffering and save lives in regions affected by natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and complex emergencies.

Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal

Achieved: $21,193,491.00

Target: $321,193,491.00

Cyclone Idai appeal

Achieved: $32,419.00

Target: $431,491.00

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami appeal

Achieved: $1,438.00

Target: $1,000,000.00

DEC Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

Achieved: $12,521.00

Target: $133,125.00

An Education Emergency

Achieved: $153,121.00

Target: $5,128,215.00

Sandra and her mum Rainha in Mozambique

Achieved: $12,000.00

Target: $43,193.20

How we help

We Need Your Help

Whether it's through your business, online shopping, or even with your generous donation, please help support our Children's Education Programme.

Support us to make impacts on the lives of kids & their families fighting cancer.

Help us provide shelter, compassion and hope and keep families close during treatment. Together, we can solve our community's biggest challenge.

Our Feed the Needy food programs are timed to ensure we deliver food packs to families at the most crucial of times when families are most vulnerable.

Be the helping hand that orphans and poor children so desperately need. Your gift will help in putting smiles on these children face. Let hunger be last thing for them to worry about!

No child should have to drink dirty water. Without access to clean water, children are at risk of life-threatening diseases.

When children don't have access to clean water, it negatively impacts their health, nutrition, education and every other aspect of their lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges for children and youth worldwide.

Through its COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, Global Fund for Children is issuing immediate grants to the community-based organizations keeping them safe.

Protecting young people from organised crime

Our Serious Organised Crime Intervention Service is a landmark programme. It's the first of its kind to use peer mentors to help young people at risk of falling into organised crime.

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