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With the right support, young people
can transform their lives.

Growing up is a challenge for everyone, but for some it's more difficult than others. We offer practical and emotional support so that young people can enter adulthood with the confidence they need to achieve their full potential.

Young people leaving care

No child should enter adulthood alone

Leaving home is a challenge for everyone, but young people leaving care often do so without the support of a loving family.

Most young people rely on their family long after they're 18. Whether it's having someone to ask how to change a fuse, or having the safety net of being able to return home in their 20s and 30s.

Young people leaving care often don't have that. They can be almost entirely alone. That's why we help young people bridge the gap between residential or foster care and living in the adult world. We're here to support them on their journey - and to help them succeed.

How we help care leavers

We support young people leaving care to:

  • find somewhere to live
  • manage their money
  • continue with education
  • find work or training

And after they have left care, we offer them ongoing support and counselling. In some areas, as a first measure, we can offer the young person a room of their own in a safe and supportive family home.