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Covid-19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges for children and youth worldwide.

Through its COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, Amr Aamanah Foundation is issuing immediate grants to the community-based organizations keeping them safe.

Amr Aamanah Foundation helps families recover after a disaster by providing timely and effective assistance. Provides a hopeful future for underserved communities through our programs.

The coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating vulnerabilities for children and youth worldwide, and Amr Aamanah Foundation's partners are at the heart of community responses.

As the pandemic took hold, these local organizations pivoted to providing emergency hygiene kits, critical food supplies, and accurate information to children and families.

Donate to support children affected by COVID-19 worldwide.

Our community partners are uniquely positioned to protect children and youth during a crisis. Your support will provide these organizations with the immediate resources they need to keep children safe and healthy during COVID-19 and will build their long-term capacity to support children who are most at risk in the long recovery period ahead.

Amr Aamanah Foundation is also looking beyond the pandemic to support youth leaders and grassroots partners that are leading the charge to build a more equitable and just post-pandemic world. The world needs new solutions to entrenched problems, and we believe that young people should be drivers and decision-makers in this transformation.