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Promoting Islam in a global community

Using Charity for the propagation and acceptance of Islam.

We promote the Islamic faith through the saving and transforming of the lives of some of the world's most vulnerables.

To truly care for one another, we must love for others what we love for ourselves. Apart from professing belief and prayer, charity is considered the third most important component of our Islamic faith.

Obligatory “Zakat” requires Muslims to give a portion of their wealth to those in need, promoting wealth distribution and reducing disparities.

The influence of the Muslim religion in humanitarian aid

Acts of humanitarianism are an essential element of religious practice for the Muslim. The Quranic and prophetic texts calling for humanitarian action, defining and ordering it are numerous.

They are either of an obligatory or an inciting nature and do not exclude the non-Muslims from humanitarian aid. For the Muslim to undertake a humanitarian act is a way of receiving help from heaven, of erasing sins, and of meriting Paradise.

The mechanisms established by the religion (e.g. zakat, waqf, kaffara) had an unprecedented impact on the lives of the population: the freeing of slaves, a significant support for the most vulnerable, and the expansion of the educational and health-care system. Nowadays faith based Muslim NGOs follow these texts to launch varied humanitarian programmes in different domains.

Humanitarianism is one of the fundamental principles of the Muslim religion. The act of giving money or helping someone in distress is not left to the free choice of the believer, but is instead an obligation in the same way as is prayer, fasting during the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Acts of humanitarianism, whether limited to a donation in money or in kind, or of a more practical nature, such as distributing aid, are an essential element of religious practice for the Muslim. This religious dimension motivates, channels and intensifies the emotional and obligatory aspects of charity. The Quranic texts and the Prophet’s sayings calling for humanitarian action, defining and regulating it are numerous.