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Total Children Supported
Every child should get medicine

Our movement's child health and nutrition programmes reached 2.9 million children in 2020.

In Emergencies, Children Are The Most Vulnerable. They are entitled to help. Donate today! In all circumstances, children need Nutrition, Water, Care and Education. Donate today!

We are working towards a future where all children get the care and support they need to thrive. Since its inception, Amr Aamanah Foundation has been breaking down barriers to health and wellbeing for children living in under-resourced communities.

The best care gives the most hope.

With our strong focus on healthcare, we are very proud of our contributions to the passage of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the ongoing efforts to uphold the Medicaid program.

We have also fought for increased access to healthcare and advocated for policy solutions to address homelessness, transportation barriers, asthma care, poor nutrition, and other areas. There are millions of children who still need health insurance and healthcare access, as well as social interventions to thrive. They fuel our advocacy and policy efforts to go the extra mile